Redefining The Staycation During Covid-19


Everyone needs a vacation!  During these changing times, there are many alternatives to road trips, beaches, and exotic vacations.  If you are not quite ready to hit the roads yet or traverse the friendly skies, plan a stay-at-home staycation.  Especially if you have kids, they will love the creative ideas you can do from home. It’s a fun and easy way to get your whole family involved!

Step 1 – Set a family meeting time to plan your weekend or long weekend to Stay-at-Home.  Have an agenda prepared so you can make the process special and build the excitement with the whole family. Allow everyone to bring in their own ideas, so that every member has something to look forward to and get excited about!

Step 2 – Here are some great ideas to get your brain churning:

  1. First, decide on the details! Are you looking for a “hotel” getaway complete with chocolate on the pillows? Or maybe something more outdoorsy? We recommend living room “camping”. Create the perfect campground with blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags. Or, for those who live in cooler climates, maybe set up tents in the backyard for the weekend campsite. The positives, no bugs or rain!
  2. Have a definite start time and end time to the staycation. We all wish we could vacation forever, but knowing there is a start and an end can double the fun and make it more realistic!
  3. Meals and snacks. Let the kids help plan the menu and share your favorite dishes.  Include all of your favorites that you don’t make all the time at home.  Create a grocery list and get the whole family involved in the trip to the store. For our indoor campers, don’t forget the marshmallows.
  4. Make a chart of who is doing the prep, the cooking, and the cleanup. Avoid any spats by preplanning the fun and the chores.
  5. Plan the daytime and nighttime activities.

Daytime Activities: host a tournament with your favorite games like cornhole, horseshoes, croquet, and other outdoor games.  If you have a pool, maybe have a funniest diving contest.  Get some fun prizes that can be shared with the whole family.  Make one day a craft day and set up some fun crafts that could include all ages.  Schedule downtime for the kids to have a technology break and/or naps each day, or better yet, turn the electronics off!

Nighttime Activities: Night 1 have a movie night with popcorn and your favorite snacks (get movie theater treats like Hot Tamales, Milk Duds, Whoppers, and other fun candies).  Decide in advance what film you are going to watch or for more spontaneity, get suggestions and draw the selection from a hat.  Night 2 make it game night.  Plan two or three games that the whole family can play.  Try your luck at Monopoly, or get silly with charades.


  1. Start talking now with excitement and get everyone’s buy-in to the process of planning and executing a weekend staycation! Create your own personal weekend away at a fraction of the cost, with no travel time, and better yet – with quality family time.


Whatever your plan, make it a staycation your family will remember.  There have been so many changes to our daily and annual routines this year.  With these staycation ideas, you can create new, fun memories from the comfort of your own home.  After all, vacations are mostly about relaxation and spending time with the family.

Happy “stay at home” from Team Blue Local - Life is always better and richer together!


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