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The Future of Education

COVID-19 has changed the way we live our lives, interact, and work since the beginning of its onset in the United States. To date, we have experienced restaurants, businesses, and school closures.

These have resulted in a rise in online ordering, food delivery services, and home-schooling. Although reopening initiatives are currently underway, daily life will undoubtedly change.

Not only will it change for the adult population, but for children as well.

As the population shifts into more socially distant lives, the future of the American child’s education remains undetermined. Currently, all students remain at home with access to online materials to help them learn.

Parents have taken on new roles as temporary science, math, and English teachers. With the reality of the pandemic changing every day, it’s important to begin to prepare for life after COVID.

The New Normal

As social distancing regulations are enforced for businesses and schools, a regular day at school could look very different from what students have experienced before. Reopening plans for student education include mandatory masks and socially distant classrooms, operating at less than half the regular capacity.

This restriction of the number of children permitted inside a classroom means that students will have alternating days in which they have in-person lessons.

Their “days off” will result in online schooling at home.

Despite these changes in the educational system, most parents still worry about sending their children to school. They may choose instead to continue homeschooling. However, there is an added concern about staying on top of where your kids are with these new schooling hours and alternating days.

Additionally, not only will a student’s school life change, but it will affect their social lives as well. Much of a child’s social development is built through the school system.

This includes interacting with friends, joining clubs, and is enforced by early educators. Therefore, the responsibility will fall on parents to ensure a child’s educational and social development.

Keep Your Children Safe with ADT GO

As a parent, you may worry about keeping track of your kids as they adjust to this new educational setting. Besides, how will you be able to know if students are lingering after class?

How will you ensure they are keeping proper social distancing measures? As social distancing restrictions lift, you may also encourage your child’s social development by allowing them to interact with other neighborhood children.

How will you know they are staying within safe distances and boundaries?

With ADT GO, you can keep track of the whole family. Gain peace of mind with ADT GO’s location sharing. This service allows you to track if and when your children are on the way home from school, or simply in the neighbors back yard.

Additionally, ADT GO provides a safety SOS feature. If your children feel unsafe, ADT responders will be notified immediately.

From there, responders will assess the situation and can take action. Even when you have a busy day, you can rest assured your children are safe with ADT GO.

ADT GO is the perfect safety application to ensure your children are safe during this period of change.

Start Protecting Your Loved Ones Today!

Our children are the most priceless yet valuable part of our lives. During these times, it’s important to stay safe, alert, and know where your children are at all times.

ADT GO’s proprietary technology makes it much easier to accomplish this.

Why take a chance?

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