How Wireless Home Security Systems Are Keeping Your Family Safe

As fall approaches, school is back in session, the weather cools down, and your home sits unprotected for long periods of times.  It’s the perfect time of the year to renovate your home and upgrade your home security to a wireless home security system.

If you do not have an alarm system already installed in your home, now is the time.  Not only is there an alarm for intruders but you can get notified if there’s a leak in your home.

Security Companies Keep You On Alert

Home security companies are set up to alert you whenever something occurs in your home.  While you are away at work or the kids are at school, your home is susceptible to intruders.  According to a report from the University of Copenhagen

Consider installing security cameras for an extra level of safety in your home.  You can keep an eye on your valuables, including reckless teenagers right on your smartphone.


Wireless Home Security Systems Pull the Plug on High Energy Bills

Technological advances in wireless home security systems have given us the ability to control almost anything in our home from lights to water to cool air.  When we’re away, some appliances suck the life out of our energy bill.  With a simple app on your smart phone, you can control the temperature in your home, the lights, and more.

Home owners using wireless home security systems or smart home technology reported up to 30 percent in savings on their monthly utility bills.  With gas prices on the rise, a small investment in your home security will pay you back significantly over time.


Security Systems are not just motion detectors

Contrary to popular belief, wireless home security systems do not just protect against burglary but also flooding and carbon monoxide.  A small leak whether it be water or carbon monoxide is undetectable by the naked eye.  Security companies offer packages with additional features that will alert you if something is not right within your home.  Small devices like carbon monoxide

In places where the temperature fluctuates all the time, like Florida, pipes will expand and contract possibly causing leaks.  Over 250 gallons of water is released a day due to a 1/8-inch crack in a pipe.  A water sensor will alert you via your smartphone to let you know there’s a leak in your home.

Protecting your home with a wireless security system will save you money and give you peace of mind.  It is a less intrusive installation process, you’ll receive instant alerts on your smart phone, and around the clock surveillance.

For more information on the best solution for your family, contact Tom Christ at Home Security Alarm Experts at 844.517.0545 today!

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