Home Security Systems for Safer Pets and Peace of Mind


Every day, an overwhelming amount of homes are being broken into by opportunists looking for a quick smash and grab. You might be at work and your kids are in school, but what about your pets? We all love our pets, there’s no doubt about that. Naturally, we must ask ourselves, how far would we go to protect the ones we love? Would you pay a nominal monthly fee to protect them with premium home security systems?

Our pets are loyal, faithful, and every bit as much of an important part of our family. Hence, it’s time to consider the fact that while you’re at work and your children are in school - they are still vulnerable. Recent burglary statistics cite that around 65% of all home invasions take place between 6 AM and 6 PM.

Most burglars prefer not to encounter any resistance while they’re breaking in. As a result, they prefer to target your home while everyone is out of the house. However, this still leaves your pets in a bad spot. Furthermore, we must consider the frequency of these types of attacks. The FBI states that nearly 4,000 burglaries occur in our country every day.

Home Security Systems Help Prevent the Unpredictable

It’s impossible to predict the nature of the burglar, their intentions, and just how far they would go to execute their mission. Pets can be injured or even worse during a home invasion. Don’t take those chances.

Potential invaders are more likely to follow the path of least resistance. Remember that they’re not wanting to deal with invading while persons are inside of the home. Also, they prefer to choose homes that are not equipped with alarm systems.

Today’s home alarm systems equip your home with both cameras inside and outside of the home. The cameras are capable of detecting any movement within a predetermined radius and automatically send you a notification and recording of the event. Most of the potential predators know this and understand that home security systems provide major obstacles to their mission and provide evidence to facilitate an arrest and conviction.

Know What’s Going on in Your Home

Along with helping to secure your home and deter criminals, home security systems allow you to monitor what’s happening inside your home while you’re gone. Do you ever wonder what your pet is up to while you’re away?

With our home alarm systems, simply open your mobile device and within seconds you can tap into your home’s camera feed. We no longer have to worry about what our pets are getting into, or if they’re safe. As parents of furry friends ourselves, we understand that it’s a lot easier to be out and enjoy the moment when we know that the ones who matter the most are safe.

While the peace of mind justifies the cost of home security systems alone, there are many more benefits to enjoy. With a premium home security system, you gain the ability to remotely control any locks, cameras, climate control, and more!

You cannot put a price on your loved ones, but you can protect them with an alarm system. Contact us to secure your home today.




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