Helping Protect Your Kids at School – Whether at Home or in the “New” Classroom

Keeping Your Children Safe in the New Classroom

These past months, life has changed drastically for everyone across the United States and the world. Specifically, this pandemic is shifting the way classrooms, offices, and restaurants are run. With new safety precautions and regulations being placed in offices and local businesses, there is an increase in concern related to the changes to the education system as children begin transitioning back to school.

Schools are reopening and look a lot different than they have before. Most parents are now adding face masks to their back to school shopping lists, while teachers are embracing a socially distant classroom. With these uncertain times and all of the changes happening on the day-to-day, your children’s safety both at home and in the classroom has become a growing concern.

The New Back to School Normal

As reopening is in full swing, both parents and students can expect mandatory masks, reduced class sizes, and a revamped classroom setting. Additionally, the CDC has recommended classrooms now use cohorting, wherein students will remain in small groups throughout the school year with minimal contact with the rest of the student body. Although this change takes a preventive step against further COVID-19 spread, students will feel the impact of these restrictions on their social lives as well.

The majority of a student’s social skills are developed throughout their educational career and enforced especially by early educators. With a reduced social setting in the classroom, most of a child’s social development will fall on the responsibility of the parents. Additionally, even with these added safety measures, parents may still be wary of sending their children off to school. Keeping track of your child’s safety, education, and social life has, therefore, become an increased concern.

Keep Your Children Safe with SoSecure

Even with the current safety precautions in place, it will be difficult for both parents and teachers to adequately monitor a student’s social distancing and handwashing throughout the school day. For example, when the school day ends and teachers are “off-the-clock” you may wonder how to ensure your children aren’t lingering after class. Additionally, as we now transition into lighter social distancing regulations you may permit your children to interact more with the neighborhood. How will you know if your children are staying within safe distances and boundaries?

How It Works

With SoSecure, you can keep track of not only your children but the whole family. ADT is the number one smart home security provider. With SoSecure, you can ensure your family is safe no matter where they go. SoSecure comes equipped with premium safety features, like direct contact with emergency responders.

If you or a loved one is feeling unsafe, just tap the SOS button or direct Chat, and an ADT professional will contact you immediately.

Additionally, SoSecure can monitor locations, if emergency response is requested, we can direct them to your exact location. From there, first responders can assess the situation and take action. SoSecure technology is perfect for parents wary of sending their children back to school. In the event of an emergency, or if your child feels unsafe, SoSecure can immediately notify emergency personnel. Additionally, we will keep you and any other guardians requested notified of the situation.

Additionally, some parents may decide to keep their older children learning from home despite returning to work. If that is the case, SoSecure is a great option for keeping track of your child’s studies even from the office. With the use of indoor cameras, you can ensure your child stays on track with their studies. Furthermore, you can rest assured that if your child has 24 hour access to SoSecure’s emergency software. SoSecure allows you to maintain your child’s safety, keep track of their study time, and gives you peace of mind even while at work.

Is your child studying or playing? 🙂

ADT is here to support you and your family through this period of change. Our SoSecure technology provides 24/7 monitoring to ensure the safety of your children. Even with a busy day, you can rest assured that your children are safe. No matter the time or location, SoSecure will be standing by to help protect your children’s safety.

Add SoSecure To Your Back To School Shopping List

Our children are priceless and valuable, and especially during these times, it’s important to remain alert. SoSecure is the perfect way to keep track of your children’s social distancing and safety. It's easy to use for the whole family.

Protect your children at school whether in the "new" classroom or at home with ADT’s SoSecure – book a free consultation today to get started by calling 844.517.0545 or emailing us at

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