Back to School Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe

As Summer comes to an end, a new chapter begins - we are sending our children back to school. After taking care of back to school shopping, learning their new schedule, and ironing out the minor details - we have only one major concern left. How can we best keep our children safe now that we are sending them off?

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While we can’t monitor their every move (as much as we’d like to), we can help the situation by establishing a protocol to increase their awareness and enhance communication. Let’s look at a few tips to remember this school year:

Sharing Contact Information

Perhaps one of the most important tips to remember when your kids go back to school is to share contact information. Your school system should have records of this information. However, this might change from time to time, so it’s great to verify that the information is up to date.

Also, your child should know your contact information by heart. If they’re at an age where this is unlikely, provide them with a card they can carry in their book bag or wallet that has all of your contact details. Furthermore, your child should know 9-1-1 by heart and understand to use this number for emergency circumstances only.

Create a ‘Safe Phrase’ or Password

As adults, things come up. Hence, there might be days where you cannot make it to pick your children up from school. In this case, you have to rely on another person to come through for you. Be sure to establish a safe phrase with your child and to use it as a tool to verify.

Children can be naive and very trusting, and all it takes is a moment of dishonesty to exploit that. Teach your children to use a safe phrase and be sure that they ask the person indicated to pick them up to mention it. Ultimately, be sure that your kids understand not to go with anyone who does not know the safe phrase. As an extra precaution, change the phrase frequently.

Monitor Your Children’s Backpacks

Heavy backpacks can distort the curvature of a child’s middle back and lower back areas. This can lead to lower back strains or irritation to the spine and ribcage. Each child can safely carry a backpack that places a load of about 10 to 15 percent of their body weight.

Ultimately, if you see your child carrying much more than this, try consulting with their teachers to see how you can work around this issue. Also, purchase a backpack with two straps as opposed to one - as this helps to even out the load they carry.

Home Safety After School

Keeping your children safe starts with keeping your home safe - even if you are not there with them at all times. There are plenty of early release days and late nights at work to consider. Your children may have days where they are alone in your home unsupervised. A home security system equipped with cameras allows you to monitor your children when they’re at home alone. Also, an alarm system acts as a deterrent should someone try to break into your home.

Burglars generally choose the path of least resistance. Understandably, they prefer to avoid homes with alarm systems. Furthermore, modern alarm systems offer functionality such as locking your doors and controlling your thermostat remotely - to name a few.

In addition, ADT’s newest Command Panel offers the ability to take a photo of your child when they enter their alarm code and send you notification when they enter the home.  With ADT GO, if your children have a smartphone, you can geo-track them through the ADT App and set up special alerts.  When you consider the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your children and your home are safe - investing in a home security system is a no-brainer.

When you consider the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your children and your home are safe - investing in a home security system is a no-brainer.

Keeping your children safe is at the top of any parent’s priority list. Communicate with your children and teach them to be aware. Also, home security systems offer unmatched safety and security. Don’t take a chance with your loved ones - protect yourself and your home today by contacting us to install your home alarm system.


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